4 Characteristics of a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you experience “legal issues” in Washington D.C., it’s easy to feel panicked, especially when it comes to serious charges. Who can you trust to have your back during these times and who can you turn to. If you are like most, as you start to think about all those things that you need to do, and what is at stake, and what could happen if things go wrong . . . it is easy to spiral into panic. Though, it is completely understandable to feel stressed but don’t despair.


Find a lawyer who has the experience to fight for you. Experience combined with book knowledge with situational knowledge. Experience gives your attorney confidence and direction when your situation has interesting or special nuances, so that you can get the best possible outcome available.

Fights for Your Rights

When you are looking for a criminal attorney, you must also find one who cares about you and your rights. Though being a criminal attorney is their job, they must give you a sense that they truly care about you and see you as a person with a life at stake. A dedicated attorney will assure you of this through the entire process.

Strategic Representation

A good attorney will employ advantageous strategies when representing you. There are a lot of fast talking lawyers that would have you believe that their raw talent will get you the best legal outcome, but this is simply not the case. Legal cases are won when you have a criminal attorney that has a legal strategy that is backed by experience, diligence, and foresight

Aggressive Advocacy

Look for a criminal attorney that will be your advocate. Your criminal attorney should approach your case with an “innocent until proven guilty” mentality: They should be in your corner, your asset in the circumstances that you find yourself in. They are your defense!

Have you found yourself in a frustrating legal situation? Feeling panicked? Take comfort! There is a criminal lawyer in Washington D.C. for you!

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