Have you found yourself charged with a criminal crime in Washington D.C.? Not sure what to do next? You know you need a criminal attorney, but where do you even start? Who can you trust to have your best interest in mind when they take your case? How much should you be willing to pay for your criminal attorney in Washington D.C.?

By now your head might be spinning with not only these questions, but also with the possible consequences that come as a result of your charges and the potential outcomes of your case. The first step is to take a deep breath and to hire a criminal attorney.  And when need someone to stand up for you, choose a defense attorney who is a former prosecutor.

What to Look For

After you’ve taken a second to take some deep breaths, the first thing to do is to figure out what you should look for in a criminal attorney in Washington D.C.


Attorney David Akulian is a former prosecutor.  He understands what the Government does to build its cases.  You want an attorney that has experience in not only criminal law, but in the specific area of the law that you are being charged with. Though every attorney will have knowledge that will make a positive impact on your case, the criminal attorney who will have the greatest ability to give you the outcome that you desire is one that has experience. Experience and knowledge are a powerful combination that gives your criminal attorney a leg up on the prosecution. Combine these with knowledge of the local legal system and you have a winning combination.


You must also find a criminal attorney that you feel comfortable with. it is important for your attorney to let you know that you are important and that your case is important: Each person deserves individualized attention… Your criminal attorney must make you feel that they understand that the outcome of your trial will affect your life. This law firm prides itself in giving you that specialized attention.


The criminal attorney that you should look for is one that is local to Washington D.C. They will be familiar with the legal proceedings and the nuances that come with cases in Washington D.C. A local criminal attorney will know how the prosecution will react: He will have worked with those that could be a part of your trial and may be able to handle your case in a way that most benefits you. A local criminal attorney will have an advantage every time. David Akulian is that local attorney for you.  


Before you decide on a criminal attorney for your case, you should meet with your prospective lawyer. Get an idea of who they are, what their personality is like, and what their rates are like. What will the possible cost be and how do they handle payment? Will this work for you and do they have a financial plan that will work for you? Also, when you are considering the financial aspect of your situation, you must consider your priorities: Though you may feel overwhelmed with the thought of paying a criminal attorney, you need one that will help to give you the best possible outcome: Keep priorities in perspective. This law firm will work with you to make your representation an affordable option while providing high caliber representation.

Contact David Akulian: A Criminal Attorney For You

Are you in the Washington D.C. area and in need of representation by a criminal attorney? Contact David Akulian! He can help you! Attorney Akulian has been an attorney for over 17 years including as a prosecutor: From his experience, he will have a greater idea of the Government’s next move and will have a great advantage in your case. David Akulian truly cares about your case and will fight for you to get the best possible legal outcome. Contact The Office of David Akulian today with your legal needs!