Fraud takes many forms in the workplace. Whether management is skimming from
profits, or employees take a bit of extra merchandise from the warehouse, fraud can
take many different forms.

But almost all frauds and thefts from the workplace involve 3 similar components.
Those components are pressure, opportunity, and justification. These components
are commonly called the Fraud Triangle. It can be as simple as someone with a
gambling addiction who gets in too deep and finds themselves with check writing
authority on the company account. The final portion of that equation is the internal
justification that, “well they work me really hard here and I deserve more.”
Combined, those facts create the perfect scenario for an individual to start taking
from the company accounts. Some studies even indicate a correlation between
gambling addictions and eventual commission of acts of fraud. between-gambling-and-fraud/

When these cases go to court, prosecutors will cite aggravating factors such as an
abuse of a position of trust, or ongoing course of conduct if the case involves
multiple takings. No matter what, an individual in this scenario needs good help.
They need a good defense. Defenses can vary widely depending on the case. They
can factual defenses, like maybe the police actually got the wrong person. Or
defenses can include showing a mistake or accident on the part of the accused. But
no matter what, if a case of this type is charged in Washington D.C. Superior Court or
Federal District Court, call an attorney immediately.