Defending Clients Facing Serious Charges

The majority of people who are charged with crimes are not career criminals; they are simply people who have made a mistake or ended up in an unfortunate situation. Being thrown into the criminal justice system can be a traumatic, overwhelming experience. Without an attorney to protect your rights, the fear, anxiety, and misinformation can become overwhelming. Additionally you risk serious penalties if convicted.

After working as a prosecutor in California and then for the U.S. government overseas, I have opened my criminal defense practice in Washington, D.C. I understand that a criminal conviction can be devastating to the entire family and have consequences including employment consequences, asset forfeiture, and driver’s license issues. My goal is to aggressively defend you through negotiations with the prosecutor’s office and by fighting for you in court.

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From harsh fines to jail time, a criminal conviction can result in devastating penalties, and unforeseen collateral consequences. It is my goal to shield you from these penalties and consequences as I guide you through the legal process. Contact my firm to discuss your options.

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