Understandably, juveniles often make mistakes that can get them in trouble with the law. Unfortunately, these mistakes carry fairly serious consequences which, without the right legal representation, can affect a teen for years to come. When a juvenile is charged with a crime, it can be an extremely stressful and traumatic event for the defendant, his/her parents, and the entire family.

Juvenile Justice & The Law Offices of David Akulian

Equipped with a thorough understanding of the juvenile justice system, I make sure that cases involving teens and children are treated with the special care that they require and deserve. By acting as your child’s greatest advocate, I work to ensure the best possible outcome, keeping your child at home and protecting their future.

By correctly addressing the specific challenges of the juvenile justice system and its complex laws, we work to find a feasible and fair solution. The juvenile justice system, though seldomly unfair, can be harsh with its deterrents and proceedings. Helping your family through the process, while defending you in the best manner possible, is the ultimate goal of our law firm and for me as a juvenile lawyer.

An Experienced Juvenile Lawyer

Don’t place your future in the hands of an attorney who isn’t experienced in juvenile justice. We’ve helped hundreds of underage defendants find justice and we can help you too.

If your child is being investigated for a criminal offense, it is imperative that you obtain expert legal representation for juvenile justice. Call our law firm’s office now for a confidential legal consultation. We want to help you fight for your child’s rights.